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We’ve tried to answer some of your commonly asked questions about our prop hire here but if you’d like to know more then please call us on 07718 319940 or email us at

What is Splurge?

What we call Splurge is known as theatrical cream foam. It is a non toxic non-staining white foam which disintegrates to almost nothing after a few minutes. It is similar in consistency to a cheap shaving foam.

Does it damage clothes?

‘Custard pie foam’ is sold as non staining though it does leave a bit of a white ‘dried bubbles’ residue on dark materials. This washes out with warm water. Apparently dry cleaning chemicals do not remove it but on delicate fabrics you can hand wash the residue out in warm water. We have done this with a silk dress and it was fine. We advise against spraying onto soft furnishings or curtains unless they can easily be rinsed clean.  Also, avoid allowing the foam to completely dry out.

Does it damage floors?

It does no damage to hard floor but, as with fabrics, it will leave a little white ‘dried bubbles’ residue on dark carpets. This can be easily removed with a little warm water or a carpet cleaner.

On hard floors it will become first slippery, then tacky as it dries. For this reason it is best to mop it up as soon as possible. In Bugsy productions the actor playing Fizzy can be used to come on stage after a fight and seamlessly mop the stage while remaining totally in character.

Is splurge toxic?

No. But it does sting if sprayed into eyes so please encourage your actors to aim low. If it does get into eyes, rinse with clean water or an eye bath. If the stinging persists more than a few minutes then seek further medical attention.

How much splurge is in a can?

Each can contains 400ml of product. This produces about 1L of foam. They spray about 1.3m.

Can the splurge can foam be used for making custard pies?

We don’t advise it as custard pies tend to end up in people’s faces and as we have mentioned the product stings if it gets into the eyes. The foam also breaks down quickly and so if it is to be used in this way then the pies need to be made immediately before use.

Do you supply a backwards pointing gun?

Because of the simple design of the guns it is possible to swivel the nozzle of the Splurge can so that the guns fire backwards, or to the side. This way there is no need to hire an extra gun for this scene.

What if we order more splurge cans than we need, can we return them?

No, as we would not be able to guarantee that the can is full we are not able to resell these items. Its for this reason that there is a no return policy on the cans of splurge, except for full, sealed boxes.

What about delivery? How do I return the splurge guns and/or crate at the end of the hire period?

 The return of the guns is arranged and paid for by person who is hiring them.   A reputable courier company or the Post Office will deliver them back to us for you.  You can also do this online with companies such as My Hermes, ParcelForce etc.

How soon can I get my guns?

We always try to get your orders out on the dates you require them, although we will need 5 working days from the order date in which to process your order and get it to you. Orders placed after 12pm will be processed the following working day. We do not generally offer Saturday deliveries as the cost is too high, but if you would like to speak to someone about an irregular delivery date or if you need guns at short notice then please feel free to get in touch with us.

What do I do if I need to pay through a Finance Department rather than online?

If you require an invoice then you can go through our checkout process with your required items in the cart as you would if you were paying online. There’s then an option for a ‘quote only’ checkout, which does not commit you to purchase any of our products but will allow you to present a cost to the appropriate departments. You can then call the team on 01273 423014 or get in touch with one of the rest of the team at the office who will confirm your hire and send you an invoice.

Why is there an extra charge on my order at checkout?

To ensure that we get our hire products back in a good condition, we add a £100 deposit on to your order which will be refunded once our guns have been returned. Please see the Terms & Conditions for more information.