SPECIAL OFFER box of 12 Splurge Foam 400ml Cans for the price of 11

Original price was: £56.40.Current price is: £50.00.

Box of splurgetastic fun – Buy a box of 12 splurge cans for a discounted price, equivalent to having one can for free.

No Bugsy Malone production is the same without it.

Each can contains a non toxic white foam which dissolves after a few minutes. Please read the product description for more information.

All the foam in the picture is from less than a third of a can! and the red vintage felt Hat Tallulah is wearing just wiped clean and is as good as new!

This foam is great fun and good for all splurge guns, custard pies and any foam fun you can think of.


One FREE can of Splurge Foam in every box! – when you purchase a full box of 12 X cans of Fabulous, Fluffy, Fun Spurge Foam Spray (aka Avalanche Spray). You pay for 11 cans and get 12 cans of Splurge Foam Spray. Checkout will ask you for ‘dates of hire’ just put in any date – we ignore this on sold items, we will send your cans as soon as we have received payment. Cans are sent within 24hrs of order being paid for and are sent on a reliable UPS next day courier service (We can not guarantee shipping times – like everyone we are at the mercy of couriers, strikes, traffic, breakdowns, human error etc – but we do our best and will send you tracking details when your order is on its way so you can keep at eye on it).

This is a box of 12 cans of Fabulous, Fluffy, Fun Spurge Foam Spray (aka Avalanche Spray). Each can contains non-toxic white foam which can also be used to make Foam Pies. It’s to be used with our Bugsy Malone Splurge Guns or for any ‘Splurge’ fun you want.

We would generally recommend 1 can of splurge per gun per show, if you want big fun and big mess and the actors/actresses to come off the stage looking like Snowmen but if you want an easier clean up and you can restrain your Bugsy’s and Tallulah’s then you can make our large 400ml cans last a couple of shows – the choice is yours. The only downside to making the cans last more than one show is that you never know how much is left in the can so risk a ‘dry’ gun at a critical moment in the show! Also remember half used cans from performances can always be used for some fun in the playground or an after-show party! The can spray can reach a distance of about 3 meters!

Cleaning up the splurge foam:

The splurge foam is great fun but does require management.  If cleaned up while wet it generally won’t stain however, if left it may do.

The foam washes out of most clothes.  Some dry cleaning chemicals do not remove it though and items need to be hand rinsed in lukewarm water.  Avoid spraying onto curtains or soft furnishings as it may leave a white residue and these items, due to their size, can be difficult to clean.

Best way to deal with the splurge on stage is to have a team of helpers ready to deal with the clean up as soon as the show is over and also, to avoid any slips on stage, use your characters wielding mops to mop up the floor while the production is on.

Another important point to remember is to not spray splurge directly into people’s eyes as no product (other than eye drops and treatments) would be suitable to spray directly into eyes. Direct performers to spray across the body and if irritation on skin occurs or it accidently gets in eyes to rinse with water.

Please check out our photos from our customers of laughing children and adults with Splurge all over their faces and our ‘Testimonials’ from happy customers. We have sold this product for many years to schools, dramatic societies and for parties of all ages.

If you have any concerns it is your responsibility to patch test your performers – as no product can guarantee no one, ever will be allergic to it (people can be allergic to even water). It is your responsibility to read the T&Cs and the Safety Certificate before using any product.

Please note, unfortunately we can not offer refunds for returned cans of ‘splurge’.