Bugsy Malone 12 x Splurge Gun Production Deal

From: £253.60

Absolute bargain Bugsy Malone production deal!

12 x Splurge Guns, 24 x 400 ml cans of splurge (this should be enough splurge for two shows) and 2 wooden ‘Splurge Inc’ crates at a great discounted rate. Our Splurge Inc crates hold 6 of our splurge guns. This deal works out to give you 2 free splurge guns and 2 free cans of Splurge.

For more description on our Splurge cans please see our 400ml can listing.

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Save with this Great Production Kit consists of:
12 x Splurge Guns,
24 x 400ml cans of Splurge
2 x Wooden ‘Splurge Inc’ crate
This deal works out to give you 2 free splurge guns and 2 free cans of Splurge.

Our Bugsy Malone splurge guns are made here at our workshop and are easy to load and use.

The cans of splurge contains a safe non toxic white foam (we have a Safety Certificate available on request). The foam can also be used to make Custard pies. The foam in the picture is made from less than a third of a can of foam and the red vintage felt hat Tallulah is wearing wiped clean and is as good as new. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions section for more detailed info on our safe, fun Splurge Foam.

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