Splurge Inc. Wooden Crate


THIS IS FOR ONE WOODEN CRATE & DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY SPLURGE GUNS Vintage looking, pine and soft wood  ‘Splurge Inc’ Crate.  These are the perfect stage prop for your Bugsy Malone production.  Besides a great prop, it also makes a handy place to store your guns on stage.


These branded, authentic looking, pine and soft wood crates will be a great addition to your Bugsy Malone stage props.

Our Splurge Guns fit perfectly into these wooden crates and it looks great when they’re grabbed out of one on stage. The splurge wooden crate also makes a great background stage prop and really adds to that Fat Sam, Speakeasy 1920’s feel.

The ‘Splurge Inc’ Wooden crate holds 6 of our Splurge Guns

There is a £100 deposit against loss and damage on all hires which will be added at the checkout. This will be refunded once your hire items have been returned to us in good condition.  Please see our terms & conditions for more information.