Stage Props – 1920’s Style Kit 2 – with WORKING soda Syphon inc.

From: £95.00

This stage prop kit is perfect for adding atmosphere to any 1920’s production!

Items in the prop kit are:

1x WORKING Soda Syphon – this is a WORKING Soda Syphon (unlike our other kit that has a non-working ‘prop only’ soda syphon)

2x Gas Cannisters to make the Soda Syphon work – you may need more and they can easily be purchased from Amazon for around £10 if needed. One Cannister does one fill of the syphon and you probably need to refill and recharge for each scene the syphon is used in as the first use is the best/most powerful spray (but please note the one in the film was considerably more powerful!)

1x 1920’s style Candlestick phone

1x Ornate style phone (like Dandy Dan’s) The style of the phone prop you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured.

1x 1920’s wooden box viewer (as given to Blousy Brown by Bugsy)

1x Working ‘ON AIR’ Sign

1x Ribbon gift box

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of the working “ON AIR” sign none of the items are in working order BUT they make very affective props!

1 Week Hire is £95

2 Week Hire is £105

3 Week Hire is £110

LIMITED STOCK: There are only four of these sets available, if it turns out that they are all booked out on the dates you’d like, we will contact you and refund your money within 24 hrs.

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A variety of essential stage props of the 1920’s era, perfect for adding to the Speakeasy feel of the time.

Good stage props are such an important part of a play. It’s the little background visuals that can really add an extra level to your production.

The price is to hire the stage prop kit per week on a sliding scale. The prop kit includes a WORKING soda syphon (and two gas canisters for the Soda Syphon), wooden box viewer (as given to Blousy Brown by Bugsy), a 1920’s Candle stick phone, an ornate style phone (like Dandy Dan’s),  a working ‘ON AIR’ Sign and a Ribbon gift box for the box viewer

There is a £100 deposit against loss and damage on all hires which will be added at the checkout. This will be refunded once your hire items have been returned to us in good condition.  Please see our terms & conditions for more information.